Church School each Saturday at 9:30 AM
Worship Service each Sunday at 10:00 AM
All are Welcome!

Ushers Ministry

Our Usher’s Ministry welcomes each worshiper to experience the presence of God through the divine worship experience. Ready to serve the Lord Jesus Christ through service rendered to humanity with a smile and opened arms of love.

Scripture: “I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness”.  Psalm 84:10

L. R. Taylor Ushers (Youth & Young Adults)
Serves on 1st Sunday
Arika Robertson, President
Ja’Kyah Lowery, Vice-President
Amber Pryor, Secretary
Tony Whittingham, III, Treasurer
Zakia Trent, Advisor
Deacon William D. Green, Sr. Sponsor
Sister LaTonya Harris-Bobbitt, Sponsor
Sister Ellen H. Sookins, Sponsor
Auxiliary Board #2  
Serves on the 2nd Sunday
Sister Ellen H. Sookins, President
Sister Nadine R. Lawrence, Vice-President
Sister LaTonya H. Bobbitt, Recording Secretary
Sister Joan Mayo, Treasurer/Financial Secretary
Deaconess Lacy Hill, Treasurer
Rev. Barbara Robinson, Chaplain
Deaconess Cora Tyree-Avent, Asst. Chaplain
Male Usher Board  
Serves on 3rd Sunday
Trustee Elwood Sookins, Jr., President
Deacon Harvey Tucker, Secretary/Treasurer
Brother Charles Pryor, Sick and Cheer
Matilda Hines Usher Board 
Serves on 4th Sunday
Sister Bernadine Givens, President
Sister Sharlene Johnson, Vice-President
Deaconess Evelyn Funn, Secretary
Sister Jovia Bailey, Treasurer
Sister Nora Holt, Sick and Shut-In

Combined Usher’s serve on 5th Sunday