Church School each Saturday at 9:30 AM
Worship Service each Sunday at 10:00 AM
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Missionary Ministry

Our Missionary Society’s purpose is to help others at all times and to be of service to all mankind.  This ministry includes feeding the Men’s shelter, delivering clothes and food, visiting the sick and nursing homes, and conducting church service quarterly.
 Wilhelen D. Satterwhite Missionary Society
(governs our Missionary Ministry)
Deacon Pearline Cooke, Chairperson
Sister Hester Hughes, Vice-Chairperson
Trustee Phylis Scott, Secretary
Senior Missionary
Lift offering on odd 2nd Sunday
Sister Helen Tucker, President
Sister Helen Hughes, Secretary
Deacon Mary Ann Mason, Chaplain
Sister Lula Thomas, Contact Person/Treasurer
Christian Women”s League
Lift offering on even 2nd Sunday
Rev. Ernestine Smoot, President
Sister Sheila Green, Secretary
Sister Dolores Sookins, Telephone Contact
Sister Annie Tyree, Financial Secretary/Treasurer
Miracle Workers Through Christ Missionary Circle
Lift offering on 3rd Sunday
Trustee Phylis Scott, Advisor
Sister LaTonya Bobbitt, President
Sister Joan Mayo, Vice-President
Deacon Pearline Cooke, Recording Secretary
Sister Keisha Whittingham, Asst. Recording Secretary
Sister Ellen Sookins, Treasurer
Junior Missionary
Llift offering on 4th Sunday
Sister Arika Robertson, President
Sister Amber Pryor, Vice-President